Why choosing Tyumen?

You will find a real variety of different experience and emotions.
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Incredible nature

Tyumen Region is one of the most attractive regions with a rich historical heritage and very advanced present.

The region is called the Gate of Siberia: it opens the largest part of our country — mysterious, immense and amazing.

Unique wooden architecture

Tyumen wooden architecture occupies a special place, being notable for its amazing juiciness and density of the bulky house carving with relative simplicity of the building itself.

This is the very origin of Russian statehood and national identity

Matchless year-round termal springs

Thermal spring with mineral water where everybody can swim.

The temperature of water is such that swimming available all year round. these are incredible relaxing emotions and charging impressions.
City sightseeing tours
The name "Gates of Siberia" was forever stuck behind the oldest Russian city of Zauralye Tyumen. Famous explorers began to develop new lands from here in the 16th century, from which many tourists and tourists begin to learn about Siberia today.

A bus sightseeing tour will acquaint you with the main sights of the regional capital. You will learn basic information about the most famous Tyumen buildings, monuments, streets and squares, gardens and parks, about the main events in the life of Tyumen.
During the city tour you will visit the most significant places of our city, see the magnificent Trinity Cathedral, the pearl of Siberia - the Znamensky Cathedral, Central Square, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Siberian Park Square. You will also see the oldest house on the main street, where the future Emperor Alexander II stayed for the night, and admire the beautiful panorama of the Tura River from the Lovers' Bridge, making the most cherished wishes.
A stroll through the streets of old Tyumen, with its merchant houses, decorated with house carvings, will leave an indelible impression in the soul of each guest, and allow citizens to take a fresh look at their hometown.

View of the Holy Trinity Monastery, Tyumen. Photo: Sergey Butorin / Lori Photo Bank

Oilman tour
The route includes a visit to the international training center of Tyumen Industrial University. It is equipped with unique equipment to simulate the processes of drilling and operation of wells. Also, tourists will visit the training ground TIU in the village of Uspenka, where the drilling rig is presented, with a height of 43 meters and a carrying capacity of 150 tons! The famous film "Siberiada" was also filmed here.

After the theoretical part of the journey, the tour participants will enjoy an exciting interactive experience. Anyone who wishes can undergo the rite of initiation into the oilmen - to dress in a working uniform, to swear an oath, to touch the oil and to smear it. Gourmets waiting for an unusual treat - the ear of the oilman. This is a fragrant rich soup made from famous varieties of northern fish, completely black. What is the secret and where does Tyumen oil, you will learn at the tasting.

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this is one of our summer - 2019 projects
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— What's an ideal program for those who wants to discover oil history and true life in snow desert?
— The concept of "Oil, gas and deers" 6 days tour provides a wide acquaintance with a very unusual & exciting region.
You will see a modern Tyumen city that is an "oil capital of Siberia", Salekhard – a city near Pole circle where the biggest amount of gas is found, try hot springs no matter what the weather is, and real life of Nennets, that still live in national dwellings with deers, gypsying through snow deserts.
— What should we choose for a trip both for teambuilding or unusual presentation for partners and entertaining program?
— We distinctly recommed you to choose 3-days program for corporates in Tyumen and Tobolsk.
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